Nintendo Dsi Xl

It’s only been a year since Nintendo launched their DSi handheld on the market but already they have gone one better. March 5 sees the European launch of the Nintendo DSi XL. So what’s new?
Well this time around, there isn’t really that much new but they have taken what the old console had and given it one big improvement, they’ve made it big. The screen size has increased a massive 93% over the size of the previous console.
With dual 4.2″ screens, no one is going to be squinting or straining their eyes to play their favourite Mario or Brain Training games. Even if you were happy before with the small screens, seeing your games at almost double size adds a new dimension to the experience.
While the extra large screens of the Nintendo DSi XL are its main selling point, there are plenty of other brand new features to make you consider upgrading from last year’s model. After using the new pen stylus, you won’t want to go back. The new version of the stylus is much thicker and for the first time provides an ergonomic design which won’t cramp your hand even after extended play sessions.
As well as larger, the new screens make wider viewing angles possible. This means the screens remains clear no matter what angle you are viewing from. The main benefit of this is that other people can watch you play. That’s good news if you like taking turns at games and seeing how well your friends and family play.
The Nintendo DSi XL comes with its exclusive pre-built-in software. The software is an arts edition of DS classic, Brain Training and a Camera Dictionary which provides you with information about whatever you take a photo of!
The increased size also allows for more battery power so the new console can last up to 14 hours which is 3 hours longer than the standard DSi.
So far I’ve only talked about the new features exclusive to the Nintendo DSi XL, if you don’t own a DSi already, there are a whole host of extra features which will be new to you.
Most obvious are the two built-in cameras, one on the front and one on the back. Fun software is included which lets you put lots of amusing filters on your images while you line up your shot; you could give yourself 2 heads or a balloon face for example.
As well as playing with images, you can also add fun filters to sound recordings you make. Change the pitch, speed and even temperature of your recording (well maybe not the last one).
One of the best features is that you can now easily browse the web with a built-in web browser.
The system gives its users access to the DSiShop where you can download new games or free demos at any time when you have access to the Internet.
An SD Memory Card reader allows you to save and use music files, photos and downloaded software.
There are also numerous minor improvements to the overall design, buttons layout and speakers.
One drawback is that the console is not compatible with Gameboy Advance carts, so if you’re a fan of older games, you might be happier with a DS Lite. A further drawback is that the systems is of course large and doesn’t slip into a pocket as easily although it will still fit into the pockets of most jeans.
If you think 93% larger screens, a pen stylus, built-in software and all the features of a DSi are enough to justify upgrading to a Nintendo DSi XL you will only have to wait till 5 March 2010 to get your brand new console.

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