My Favorite Free Online Games

Today?s featured games variety is pretty arbitrary. As a matter of fact, one could argue that lists are always wide, no matter how supposedly random the items may be: if a human being is involved in the process, items are always picked following some kind of criterion, that may or may not be conscious. Therefore, allow me to rephrase and let?s see what my subconscious may have in store.

Swords and Sandals 3 was picked out of sheer interest, I suppose. There is a whole ?Gladiator? or ?Spartacus? vibe to this flash games: you pick out your own gladiator and struggle an undefined group of slaves/gladiators not unlike yourself, until you feel fortunate enough to contest a higher-level warrior. However, ?choose? maybe too lax a term: you actually assemble your fighter. You define your avatar?s height, weight, skin color and hair fashion, among others, and buy clothing and arsenal for him according to your wealth. Fights consist in each player taking turns at attacking or taking a defensive stand, which implies the need for a certain strategy in order to win. Something radically different from the usual: just clicking all buttons at the same time, hoping to strike some kind of combo.

The new Atlantis game was certainly picked for looking similar to anime series Macross (my personal bestloved). Graphics is wonderful, you can swap among different arsenal and improve them, and if you run out of ammo in the middle of a fight, you can always go back to your space station for some more. The real challenge of the title, in my opinion, is mastering the controls, since both mouse (for aiming and shooting) and keyboard (for movement) come into play. In this case, having a laptop may turn out to be a great drawback.

The title Pong 2 was probably chosen as honor to its predecessor, videogame pioneer Pong. The game has four different levels, with three levels of difficulty, but even the normal/easy one is pretty challenging. The bar is controlled by your mouse, making it extra precise ? and extra fast, which may take a little time getting used to.

When judging my picks, I understand that in an honest effort to produce a random list, I had come up with a definite pattern: variety. One action title, one shooting flash game and one classic flash game. What was I missing? Something completely different.
Rag-doll Goalie is one of the most unorthodox, utterly fun online games I have ever played. As the name suggests, you control a goalkeeper, who happens to be a rag-doll. That means that you have to literally throw the goalie from one side to the other hopeful to connect with the ball and stop your rivals from scoring. Timing is a slippery thing and therein lies the real test; however, once you get the hang of it, you can see how many times in a row you can stop the row.
So, possibly variety is not the only pattern: after all, these are four very different AND very enjoyable online games.

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