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Nintendo Dsi Xl

It’s only been a year since Nintendo launched their DSi handheld on the market but already they have gone one better. March 5 sees the European launch of the Nintendo DSi XL. So what’s new?
Well this time around, there isn’t really that much new but they have taken what the old console had and given it one big improvement, they’ve made it big. The screen size has increased a massive 93% over the size of the previous console.
With dual 4.2″ screens, no one is going to be squinting or straining their eyes to play their favourite Mario or Brain Training games. Even if you were happy before with the small screens, seeing your games at almost double size adds a new dimension to the experience.
While the extra large screens of the Nintendo DSi XL are its main selling point, there are plenty of other brand new features to make you consider upgrading from last year’s model. After using the new pen stylus, you won’t want to go back. The new version of the stylus is much thicker and for the first time provides an ergonomic design which won’t cramp your hand even after extended play sessions.
As well as larger, the new screens make wider viewing angles possible. This means the screens remains clear no matter what angle you are viewing from. The main benefit of this is that other people can watch you play. That’s good news if you like taking turns at games and seeing how well your friends and family play.
The Nintendo DSi XL comes with its exclusive pre-built-in software. The software is an arts edition of DS classic, Brain Training and a Camera Dictionary which provides you with information about whatever you take a photo of!
The increased size also allows for more battery power so the new console can last up to 14 hours which is 3 hours longer than the standard DSi.
So far I’ve only talked about the new features exclusive to the Nintendo DSi XL, if you don’t own a DSi already, there are a whole host of extra features which will be new to you.
Most obvious are the two built-in cameras, one on the front and one on the back. Fun software is included which lets you put lots of amusing filters on your images while you line up your shot; you could give yourself 2 heads or a balloon face for example.
As well as playing with images, you can also add fun filters to sound recordings you make. Change the pitch, speed and even temperature of your recording (well maybe not the last one).
One of the best features is that you can now easily browse the web with a built-in web browser.
The system gives its users access to the DSiShop where you can download new games or free demos at any time when you have access to the Internet.
An SD Memory Card reader allows you to save and use music files, photos and downloaded software.
There are also numerous minor improvements to the overall design, buttons layout and speakers.
One drawback is that the console is not compatible with Gameboy Advance carts, so if you’re a fan of older games, you might be happier with a DS Lite. A further drawback is that the systems is of course large and doesn’t slip into a pocket as easily although it will still fit into the pockets of most jeans.
If you think 93% larger screens, a pen stylus, built-in software and all the features of a DSi are enough to justify upgrading to a Nintendo DSi XL you will only have to wait till 5 March 2010 to get your brand new console.

RuneScape Charms info

If you want to get high summoning regardless of the money it will cost you, then the best thing to do, is to make the best pouch you can with the “#F08021V” charms you have. For example, if your summoning level is 46, and you have 20 blue charms, making Iron cheap runescape gold Minotaur pouches is more expensive but better in exp than making Bronze Minotaur pouches.

This is a very usefull D&D for people who are looking to obtain charms REALLY FAST! It is a game where you have to find an active obelisk around Runescape. The NPC Pikkemenix will let you enter a “spirit realm” where you have to collect raw shards which will help determine your reward. A maximum of 60 raw shards can be collected and I, personally reccomend starting from the outside of the plane and working buy runescape gold inwards.

I understand that it can be quite hard finding an open obelisk, but, the clan chat “obelisk chat” can be quite helpful! People might complain about this chat, that it “barely has any people! Nobody Helps!” etc. I know these things are true, but keep patience and at certain times of the day, it has more people. Personally, I usually get information about an open obelisk within 5 minutes.

As Yelps is very generous, players who spin this weekend will have “#F08021V” the chance of begging one. Pendants of skill are put in common slots while the prized pendants of skill are put in uncommon slots. After this weekend, the two will exchange slot, which rs gold for sale means pendants of skill move to the uncommon slot and the prized pendants of skill move to the rare slot. Players can get time spinning this weekend. Get as many as pendants of skill as possible.

Hellhounds (level 122+) – Hellhounds have a good gold charm drop and drop a decent amount of crimsons as well. These are not reccomended for Green’s or Blue’s. They are also not worth killing for their charms as they are a high level which means they are harder to kill, and the reward would only be gold charms.

Fire Giants (level 87) – These are a good way to get gold charms and they get you profit as well, runescape gold but working hard to get gold charms is not reccomended. If your going to work harder, kill creatures that drop crimsons instead, as the reward will be more rewarding.


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Nintendo Wii ? A Major Breakthrough In The Field Of Gaming Console

Latest innovation in the world of gaming is the Nintendo Wii, which is a complete gaming system offering thrill and adventure. This is a perfect gaming console for the person who loves power packed games. The Nintendo Wii has distinctively stylish looks and is high on performance. Highlighting feature of this gaming console is that it makes the players part of the game with its revolutionary new control system. Nintendo Wii gaming console comes with an accelerometer and a joystick, which is together known as Nunchuck. Apart from it this set also comes with a Wii remote, which is the wireless controller of the set. This entire accessory and Wii console is together termed as Nintendo Wii bundle.

Wireless remote control of the Nintendo Wii controller senses movements in three dimensions and it is due to this technology that one gets freedom from the conventional buttons and joystick. Instead of playing with joystick, one can play by moving arms, gesturing, poking, and swinging. Nintendo Wii bundle is an enticing option to enjoy and experience this amazing game. The Nintendo offers a perfect way to experience fun and excitement through its Wii bundle. It is an ideal gift for people of any age as it has great selection of games and having all the required hardware that is necessary to play the games.

Nintendo Wii has a number of exciting games like Super Mario galaxy, Twilight Princess and interesting games like Dance-Dance revolution party, Heroes 2, Guitar hero etc. that are sure to offer fun and thrill to the players. This gaming console has game for every mood and moment and one has to just search over the internet to easily download them. All the collection of games in Nintendo Wii is certainly a great entertainment package for the lovers of gaming. Apart from offering fun and excitement, games offered by Nintendo Wii also help one to be fit and in good shape as all the games come along with a fitness age test that assesses one condition while playing. Fitness age test analyses one speed, stimulus and taming etc. Thus Nintendo Wii is not just a collection of game but is also a great system that helps one to stay in good health.

The interior hardware of the Nintendo Wii is equipped with an IBM CPU, an ATI graphics card and a RAM memory of 512MB. It also features wireless controllers, 2 USB ports and inbuilt antennae for WiFi internet access. Wii not supports HD output but it still has the potential to look pretty good on a HDTV due to its wide screen friendly mode and the 480p progressive scan. Another highlighting feature is its amazing backwards compatibility feature that allows the player to play any game that Nintendo has ever produced. All these exciting features and availability of exciting games are offered at a very affordable price. Nintendo Wii gaming console comes with an accelerometer and a joystick, which is together known as Nunchuck.

5 Ways Nintendo Can Climb To The Top

5: Shifting Media Man
Nintendo needs to ditch mini-disks and cartridges and publish games on full size compact disks. It will help get rid of your ?cute, fuzzy, little kid image.?

4: Deadline Driving for 8 Billion Red Coins
Don?t hype up a game until you?re sure you can release it on time. You get me all worked up about a game like Twilight Princess and then push it back, and back, and back until you?ve pushed back into another console! It gets old! Stop doing it. Finish the game then tell people about it six month before you release it. Problem solved.

3: Footrace with Sony the Quick
It?s a little late for this one Nintendo, but you need to beat Sony to the market if you can. Get your Revolution hardware out and in our hands and take our dollars as soon as possible because after we buy an X-Box 360, 4 controllers, and a hard drive we?re probably going to have enough money for just one Next Gen system. If you can beat Sony to the market and suck up $250 bucks plus the cost of controllers, games, and memory cards people won?t be willing to shell out the $600 bucks plus games and accessory money for Play Station III.

2. Nintendo’s Image Lost
You need to fix your image, you have the 3-9 year old market cornered, and nobody can touch you, but now its time to graduate to the big leagues. If you want to survive and latch onto the adult audience I suggest buying a well-known franchise like Grand Theft Auto or create one and make it a Nintendo exclusive. Remind people Nintendo started the age of multiplayer console shooters with Goldeneye.

1. To the Top of the Mountain
Last, but not least, you seriously need to get a better shell for your controller. I personally like it and think it’s brilliant, but people aren’t ready for it yet. You need to have a more traditional controller for your next gen system. I’m NOT SAYING YOU SHOULD GET RID OF THE MOTION SENSOR, but definitely scrap the remote control look.